Reflexology is a holistic method that promotes relaxation and relieves stress through massage of Reflex points of the foot, which correspond to specific glands, organs and systems of the body.  It is safe, effective and natural with no side effects. Utilize reflexology to balance the body as well as assisting the body for treatment of specific conditions. Specific reflex points of the feet or hands connect to all the organs, glands and systems of the body (similar to the points in acupressure). Massage of those points helps stimulate & energize the entire body, feels great, and assists the circulation – great for anyone.

Reflexology session ~ 30 minutes $35 ~ 60 minutes $50

Benefits of Reflexology include

  • Stimulate nerve function
  • Increases energy
  • Boosts circulation
  • Induces a deep state of relaxation
  • Stimulates the central nervous system
  • Helps prevent migraines
  • Helps relieve sleep disorders
  • No contraindications
  • Helps soothe pains of pregnancy
  • additional information…

Reflex points on the feet, hands and ears connect to organs, glands and all parts of the body, similar to the meridians in acupuncture. By massaging those reflex points the associated glands, organs and systems are stimulated. These cells receive more blood supply, more oxygen and the lymphatic system assists the immune system by removing toxins and cellular waste. Reflexology has been shown to release endorphins – the ‘feel good’ hormones.

Reflexology also works to open and balance the subtle energy channels of the body that are not recognized or understood by Western Medicine but have been known in Oriental Medicine for thousands of years.

Most people hold stress somewhere in their body. One of the goals of Reflexology is to relieve stress and tension that may interfere with circulation and the natural flow of the body’s energy.