Couples Massage Class

Let’s face it, life can leave us over-whelmed and stressed out making everyone feel disconnected from those closest to us.  We all desire some much needed relief and relaxation and time to reconnect and regain a more desirable level of intimacy and support from the ones we care about.
couples massageProviding quality therapeutic touch allows couples to experience the nurturing, relaxing, rejuvenating benefits of massage with one another.   This class is designed not only for couples but for friends and family to share as well, everyone loves a massage!
I have heard many women say they try to give a massage but they feel tired and they can’t seem to go deep enough for the desired effect.  Men will tell me they have had complaints that their massage is too rough or too fast.  These are just a few of the issues we will address in our session together along with centering and breathing techniques, contraindications, basic, easy-to-follow massage techniques and the proper way to use pressure and ergonomics to avoid weariness in your hands and body.
therapeutic touchThis 3 hour interactive couples massage workshop is designed to introduce you to the power of therapeutic touch and give you the basic skills to help you give safe and effective massage to loved ones, family, and friends without getting tired!

Private Couples Class, and Couples Massage Parties

available on-site or in your home.

 3 hour couples interactive workshop ~ $150 ~

Private instruction from a licensed massage therapist

Online scheduling available

Gift Certificates Available

3 hour couples massage party ~ $75 each attending ~

Private instruction from up to 2 licensed massage therapist depending on class size

call to schedule (970) 534-2074

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